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October 2nd 2023: Cryptocurrency lender Blockfi is moving closer to returning funds to customers after a bankruptcy judge confirmed its Chapter 11 plan on Tuesday. The plan outlines a process for the company to distribute remaining assets to clients and attempt to recover additional funds.

September 22th 2023: Stablecoin coin issuer Tether has announced it is resuming lending USDT to clients. The announcement comes less than a year after the company announced it would stop issuing loans.

September 14th 2023: 3 Bitcoins payment sent to a Canada Investor, Coinbase Global Inc has decided to integrate the Lightning Network that aims at making Bitcoin a viable option for faster and cheaper global payments.

August 22th 2023: Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced Binance Pay to the Brazilian market. Binance Pay is the exchange’s cross-border and contactless method for cryptocurrency payments, with compatibility for over 70 cryptocurrencies.

August 7th 2023: Humanitarian aid and community services charity, Singapore Red Cross, included cryptocurrency as a newly-accepted form of donation. The organization will accept Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and USD Coin donations. Our company plans to donate US$10,000 per month.

July 27th 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added in the Payments page, Bitcoin Surpasses $29.6K After Fed's Rate Hike; CoinDesk Market Index Jumps 1.2%.

July 22th 2023: McDonald’s Hong Kong branch has finally entered the metaverse, joining a host of other global brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola and Gucci in adopting web3.

July 15th 2023: Indonesia’s financial services regulator is gearing up to unveil its long-awaited national crypto exchange this month, marking a significant step forward for the country’s burgeoning digital asset industry.

July 2nd 2023: The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance is facing increasingly harsh regulatory headwinds in Europe. Bafin’s rejection of a license application is just the icing on the cake. In contrast, the exchange is finding an attractive alternative in the United Arab Emirates.

June 23th 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added in the Payments page, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a significant surge of over 10% in the last few days, leaving BTC bulls in euphoria. The largest cryptocurrency in the market has again become the center of attention, with investors expecting more upside movements soon.

June 16th 2023: The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the regulatory body that oversees banking activities in the region, reportedly encouraged major banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered to establish relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges.

May 30th 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added in the Payments page,Huobi HK announced its expansion of services after Hong Kong implemented its new crypto exchange license system. The platform now provides spot and custodial services to both retail and institutional customers in Hong Kong.

May 22th 2023: Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA), a prominent German company specializing in digital asset management, is shaking up the crypto investment scene by launching its revolutionary multi-asset crypto exchange-traded product (ETP).

May 14th 2023: PayPal share prices are plunging and currently down 80% from 2021 peaks; the largest draw down ever, market data on May 12 shows. PYPL closed the week at $61.69, down 3% from Thursday, March 11.

May 1st 2023: Mobile payments giant Venmo has just announced plans to roll out a new feature that will enable the over 70 million users of the platform to transfer crypto assets.

April 24th 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added in the Payments page, Ethereum price extended its decline below $1,920 against the US Dollar. ETH may continue to fall if it breaks the $1,820 support zone.

April 15th 2023: Bitcoin’s price has been increasing consistently lately, continuing its bullish phase since the beginning of the year. However, the market is currently at a key resistance level, and its reaction is essential for the trend in the next few months.If the upward trend can be maintained, the BTC price will quickly reach $35,000.

April 9th 2023: BTC Price Prediction: After an aggressive rally in March’s first half, the Bitcoin price turned sideways in light of increasing uncertainty in the crypto market. Thus, the prices walking a lateral path over the past three weeks between $28800 and $26500 levels created a narrow range. Here’s how you may find a long-entry opportunity in BTC amid the sluggish market sentiment.

March 24th 2023: 1.3 Bitcoin Payment sent to an Amsterdam member,Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has renewed calls for crypto users to “elect pro-crypto candidates.”

March 13th 2023: The government of Spain has approved the resources for a new issuance of gold bullion coins, which will be directed to satisfy a higher estimated demand for these instruments.The Spanish National Coin Factory will purchase 40 million euros in high-quality gold pieces for this batch, a significantly higher amount of gold compared to the two series issued before.

February 24th 2023: Coinbase has approximately 110 million verified users and has partnered with 245,000 companies in over 100 countries since it was founded in 2012, 2 Bitcoin Payment sent to a Toronto member.

January 16th 2023: Sazmining, a bitcoin mining hosting solution provider, has launched their first hydroelectric-powered mining facility in Wisconsin, providing the company with a carbon-neutral source of electricity.

December 24th 2022: Merry Chirstmas to All crypto Investors.

December 1st 2022: 1.5 Bitcoin Payment sent to a Toronto member.

November 15th 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo has entered into a strategic partnership with Binance duped ‘a global marketing initiative’ that will see his first NFT collection made available on Friday, November 18 by Binance. It is a partnership between the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and one of the world’s most popular footballers.

November 2nd 2022: 3.48 Bitcoin Payment sent to a member,Data shows the Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Index has plunged down recently, here’s what has happened in the past during instances of such a trend.

October 17th 2022: Payments giant Mastercard has introduced a new program called Crypto Source to enable financial institutions to offer crypto trading and other related services to their customers. Mastercard has partnered with Paxos Trust Company to support this program.

September 27th 2022: $60,000 Bitcoin Payment sent to a member,Binance, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, announced its plan to limit the supply of Luna classic (LUNC) tokens, prompting a surge in the token’s prizes.

September 11th 2022: Bolt Financial Inc, a US based checkout firm on Friday announced that it has dropped the $1.5 billion accusation deal with Wyre Payment Inc, 1.3 Bitcoins Payment Proof added.

August 23th 2022: MakerDAO has announced its “first commercial loan collaboration” with a US-regulated bank, opening up the realm of possibility between real-world finance and decentralised finance (DeFi).

August 6th 2022: 1.1 Bitcoins Payment Proof added,7% Of Spaniards Invest And 40% Have Invested In Crypto.

July 27th 2022: Banking Giant Barclays to Invest in $3 Billion Crypto Custody Firm.Sky News reports that British banking giant Barclays is buying a stake in a Europe-based crypto custody company.

July 6th 2022: Our company has purchased 50 BTC as reserve funds, and we believe that BTC price will return to more than $40,000.

June 28th 2022: 0.775 Bitcoins Payment Proof added,Invest Here,The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance and its executives have strongly supported Bitcoin amid its price fall under intense market pressure.

June 22th 2022: With the crypto market crash has come a renewed interest in the cover that stablecoins provide investors. As a result of this, crypto investors had flocked to stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, USDC, etc, for this exact reason,Our company also reserves 2 million USDC as a risk protection fund.

June 14th 2022: Our minimum investment changed to 0.005 BTC because the BTC price crashed,Invest 0.005 btc now and receive 0.165 btc after 12 hours.

June 8th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page,After launching the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on its platform in October 2020, PayPal finally allows users to transfer, send and receive digital assets between PayPal and other wallets and exchanges.

May 23th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page, A Manchester investor was paid 0.969 BTC ,congratulate the Manchester City football team on winning the Premier League.

May 18th 2022: G7 Countries to Discuss Crypto Assets This Week After Recent Terra Ecosystem Collapse,Rate US on Paying HYIP Online Site.

May 8th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page, Rate us on the Best Bitcoin Investment Monitor Site.

April 27th 2022: Global crypto exchange Bitstamp released its Crypto Pulse survey on Tuesday and concluded that both institutional and retail investors believe that crypto will overtake many traditional investment vehicles within a decade — specifically 8 out of 10, or 80%, of institutional respondents and 54% of retail investors.Our company will increase investment in the cryptocurrency industry in the near future, We purchased 30 BITCOIN ATMs and placed them all over the world.

April 14th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page. Invest 0.02 btc return 0.7 btc after 12 hours.

March 29th 2022: Hong Kong-listed fund manager Huobi Technology plans to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks popular cryptocurrencies. The company, which is a subsidiary of popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global, aims to target retail investors with the planned ETF.

March 17th 2022: Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, CA, has announced that it will donate approximately $10 million worth of bitcoins to citizens of Ukraine affected by the recent Russian invasion, A bitcoin payment proof added today.

March 3rd 2022: Japanese Wealth Manager Nomura Will Explore Cryptocurrencies and NFTs with New Unit.

February 24th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page,Cash App said it generated $46 million of bitcoin gross profit during the fourth quarter of 2021, 14% year over year.

February 13th 2022: Argentinian Tax Authority to Seize Digital Wallets to Collect Tax Debts,Bandai Namco, a game development and publishing company, has announced its intention to create its own metaverse to increase fan engagement with the brand.

February 7th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page. Invest 0.01 btc return 0.35 btc after 12 hours.

February 1st 2022: Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you happiness and prosperity!

January 22th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page. Invest 0.01 btc return 0.35 btc after 12 hours.

January 2nd 2022: Happy New Year to All members! We sent a bonus of 0.05 BTC to the lucky member "btc2010***".

December 29th 2021: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payment Proof page.

December 24th 2021: Merry Christmas to all members!

December 16th 2021: Tesla to Accept Dogecoin For Payments,Our company uses cryptocurrency to purchase three Tesla Model X and presents them to our lucky members. The lucky members will be drawn out on January 1, 2022. All investors have a chance to win the prize who invested on 2021 year.

November 30th 2021: 6 bitcoins payment added in our Payments page.

November 2nd 2021: Our Investment plans accept tether USDT deposit from investors,Investors have one more investment option. We hope to better serve investors. If you want to use other cryptocurrencies to invest in our website, you can contact us.

October 27th 2021: We spent US$20,000 to purchase 10 million insurance. If our BTC wallet is stolen, we will receive 10 million US dollars in compensation. Investors can invest in us with confidence.

October 15th 2021: 2 bitcoins payment added in our Payments page.

October 3rd 2021: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez took to Twitter to announce that MiamiCoin Wallet made one million dollars in a day, with the balance surpassing $9 million at press time. MiamiCoin Wallet was started with the idea to collect city funds without imposing taxes on the residents along with rewarding the investors.

September 18th 2021: 0.35 bitcoins payment added in our Payments page.

September 9th 2021: Russian government plans to view cryptocurrency mining as a business activity,We have a lot of Russian customers.

September 4th 2021: Rate Us and Leave a comment on HYIP Rate when you received payment.

August 21th 2021: 0.52 bitcoins payment added in our Payments page.

August 12th 2021: In order to incentivize PAYEER investors, we set the minimum investment to be $50 for payeer investors.Invest $50 payeer , return $1750 payeer after 12 hours.

July 17th 2021: 6.8 bitcoins payment added in our Payments page.

June 26th 2021: we don't accept deposit online for perfect money investors,If you want to invest via perfect money , Please contact us for the PM account.

June 24th 2021: US-based cryptocurrency ATM firm Athena Bitcoin has said it plans to roll out up to 1,500 automated teller machines in El Salvador.

June 4th 2021: A new perfect money payment proof added in our payment proof page, Invest $2000 return $94000 after 12 hours.

May 9th 2021: California Cannabis Chain People’s Remedy Starts Accepting Cryptocurrencies as Payment.

April 27th 2021: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payments page. Major Venezuelan Aviation Academy Enables Bitcoin Payments as Crypto Adoption Keeps Rising in the Country.

April 5th 2021: Prominent Crypto Analyst Says XRP To Reclaim Top 3 Spot After Major Bullish Breakout,Our company will buy 10 million U.S. dollars of XRP as a reserve in this week.

March 18th 2021: A new bitcoin payment added in our Payments page.

March 7th 2021: A $7000 Perfect Money Payment proof added in our Payments page, Invest $200 Return $7000 after 12 hours.

March 1st 2021: Our website ranks second in the TOP 10 HYIPS list now. This is an honor and an affirmation of our work.

February 18th 2021: A bitcoin payment proof added into our Payment Proof page.

February 12th 2021: Happy Chinese New Year!

January 25th 2021: In order to better return investors, today we have increased the rate of return on investment, more detailed content can be viewed on our homepage.

January 18th 2021: CoinShares' CSO says the firm is “starting 2021 off with a bang” by launching a $200 million physically-backed Bitcoin ETP on Switzerland’s SIX exchange.Digital asset manager CoinShares is launching a Bitcoin exchange-traded product, or ETP, on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

January 12th 2021: 2 Bitcoins Payment proof added into our Payment Proof page.

January 2nd 2021: 2 Bitcoins Payment proof added into our Payment Proof page.

December 31st 2020: Happy New Year!

December 23th 2020: Merry Christmas to Every member! We will make everything normal during the holidays,All plans are running normally.

December 12th 2020: 0.7 Bitcoins Payment proof added into our Payment Proof page.

November 28th 2020: An investor from California invested 0.009 BTC. Three hours ago, please contact us as soon as possible, because our minimum investment is 0.01 BTC. Investors need to increase investment to reach the minimum investment. We will pay BTC to yours on time BTC wallet.

November 21th 2020: Pizza Hut is now accepting cryptocurrency payments at all locations in Venezuela through a partnership with Panamanian crypto payments startup Cryptobuyer.

November 16th 2020: Because the price of BTC has risen too fast, our minimum investment has been reduced from 0.02 BTC to 0.01 BTC for bitcoin investors.

October 31th 2020: 0.49 Bitcoins payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

October 17th 2020: Coinbase Will Now Provide Financial Support to BTC Coders,Our Investment plan accept deposit from Coinbase wallet.

October 9th 2020: Our program start to accept payeer deposit from investors,Invest Here.

October 2rd 2020: 4.84 Bitcoins payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

September 23th 2020: Our Min deposit were changed for All plans, Min is $100 for Plan A, Min is $2,000 for Plan B,Min is $10,000 for Plan C, Min is $30,000 for Plan D

September 19th 2020: Our Payment Proof Page added a new bitcoin payment proof. Invest Now.

September 12th 2020: We use a new bitcoin address for accept deposit from investors,Please check our deposit page before invest.

September 6th 2020: Our Payment Proof Page added a new bitcoin payment proof. Invest Now.

August 27th 2020: Our Payment Proof Page added a new perfect money payment proof. A French Investor invested $300 Perfect Money 12 hour ago and Received $13500 now.

August 23th 2020: Investing in our projects, your funds are guaranteed by TOPHYIP, 100% safe and risk-free.

August 11th 2020: we use a new hosting provider,It is safer and better.

August 7th 2020: a Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our payments page.

August 4th 2020: Because the price of BTC has risen sharply, our minimum investment in BTC has dropped to 0.02 BTC today.

July 22th 2020: we will rasie our min deposit to $200 and 0.03 btc on August 1st 2020. A Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our payments page.

July 8th 2020: Our website has been transferred to a more secure hosting service provider. In order to better resist hacker attacks and more investors to join, we will set up an office in Singapore in the near future and support Chinese customer service.

July 4th 2020: A perfect money payment proof added in our Payments page. $135,000 payment sent to a Spanish investors.

June 27th 2020: We used our new PM account: U10681277. Please check carefully before invest.

June 20th 2020: a Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our payments page.

June 1st 2020: a Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our payments page.

May 1st 2020: We already have 200 loyal investors, and everything is very good. Now that the global outbreak has broken out, we can work at home, make money, and stay healthy.

April 7th 2020: a Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our payments page.

September 10th 2019: Our program was added to the Premium HYIP List on Paying HYIP Online which is the best hyip monitor site.

August 9th 2019: Our Site is online today, We have been offline for 1 year and the operation is very good.